Active Projects

401k ProjectionssourcehutA plotly graph to calculate future 401k value.
Color GeneratorsourcehutA color palette generator.
CryptsourcehutA secure and convenient password vault for the command-line.
Lincoln IncidentssourcehutA set of plotly line charts of police data.
MichelangelosourcehutA photo & video gallery using Tumblr's API.
PhotossourcehutA dynamic, dark-themed photo gallery.
PHP BlogsourcehutA database-free blogging platform.
SandboxsourcehutA collection of web learning projects.
Space WikisourcehutA small educational website about our solar system.
World IncarcerationsourcehutAn interactive map of world prison data.
YoshisourcehutA command-line password manager.

Stylus Themes

Dark Hacker NewssourcehutA dark theme for Hacker News.
Dark Journal StarsourcehutA dark theme for the Lincoln Journal Star.
Dark OMG UbuntusourcehutA dark theme for OMG! Ubuntu!