Table of Contents

Source Code



401k ProjectionsVisit →A plotly graph to calculate future 401k value.
Color GeneratorVisit →A color palette generator.
Lincoln IncidentsVisit →A set of plotly line charts of police data.
MichelangeloN/AA photo & video gallery using Tumblr's API.
PHP BlogN/AA database-free blogging platform.
SandboxVisit →A collection of web learning projects.
Space WikiVisit →A small educational website about our solar system.
World IncarcerationVisit →An interactive map of world prison data.

Stylus Themes

Dark cGitVisit →A dark theme for cgit.
Dark Hacker NewsVisit →A dark theme for Hacker News.
Dark Journal StarVisit →A dark theme for the Lincoln Journal Star.
Dark OMG! Ubuntu!Visit →A dark theme for OMG! Ubuntu!

Desktop Apps

CryptVisit →A command-line password manager.
YoshiN/AA command-line password manager.

Mobile Apps

LibreTasksN/AA simple iOS tasks application.
LibreWeatherN/AA simple iOS weather application.