Last Updated: Wed Oct 13, 2021

Career Progression

I've been with my new company for about two months and have been able to experience numerous different projects, companies, and industries already. I really can't express an opinion on my experiences yet, but I feel very good about how my time here will go.

I have preliminarily passed the CISA exam. I still need to wait 1-2 weeks to hear back with official results, but I'm very confident that the results will stay the same.


Due to the sheer size of my current workload and studying requirements, I have taken a brief step back from most of my hobbies - especially programming. The projects will always be there when I get back and have more time.

One thing I have taken time to do is re-styling this website ( I switched over from Jekyll to Zola as my static site generator and reverted to a very minimalistix HTML/CSS-only theme.

Personal Reflection

Along with everything else, I've taken a step back to reflect on my accomplishments over the last few years and ponder on what's next in life. As far as I can tell, I am most looking forward to new cities, new opportunities, and more peace.

After quite a bit of reflection, I can truly say that life is wonderful.