Last Updated: Wed Oct 13, 2021

Career Progression

I've been with my new company for about two months and have been able to experience numerous different projects, companies, and industries already. I really can't express an opinion on my experiences yet, but I feel very good about how my time here will go.

On another exciting note, I'm nearing the end of my endless studying toward the CISA exam. However, due to work constraints, I don't think I will be able to take the exam until November or December. At least the tedious note-taking part is complete and I'm down to simply practicing exam questions.


I feel like it's been years since I've been able to properly enjoy reading a book. In fact, it's probably been 5-6 years since I read a book through personal choice (ignoring books I read throughout college).

I've started reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to fill up my spare time and relax. It seems to be a more useful hobby than filling my spare evening times with something like video games.


Due to the sheer size of my current workload and studying requirements, I have taken a brief step back from most of my hobbies - especially programming. The projects will always be there when I get back and have more time.

One thing I have taken time to do is re-styling this website ( I switched over from Jekyll to Zola as my static site generator and reverted to a very minimalistix HTML/CSS-only theme.

Personal Reflection

Along with everything else, I've taken a step back to reflect on my accomplishments over the last few years and ponder on what's next in life. As far as I can tell, I am most looking forward to new cities, new opportunities, and more peace.

After quite a bit of reflection, I can truly say that life is wonderful.