Christian Cleberg

Christian Cleberg is an internal audit and data analytics specialist with experience in the insurance, financial services, and retail industries. In addition to my accounting knowledge, I have three years of education in computer programming.

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IT Staff Auditor
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

Apr 2020 - Present

Returning to Ameritas has given me the opportunity to focus on auditing IT in a mutually-held company, contrary to my previous role at a public company. For now, I am leading a project to expand the department's data analytics abilities into a fully-funcitonal program, able to implement ad-hoc analytics, continuous assurance, and intelligent visualizations into the audit and consulting processes. This is a project I began as an intern in 2018 before I worked at Nelnet by moving the department from ACL to Python. Additionally, I have received the ACS and ALMI designations from LOMA, as well as completed the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate specialization.

IS Auditor II
Nelnet, Inc.

Dec 2019 - Apr 2020

Being promoted to the IS Auditor II role allowed me to emphasize the skills I already had while expanding upon new skills. With this promotion, I became a main piece of all the audit phases: risk assessments, planning, testing, reporting, and remediation. I also helped develop an internal data analytics program that assisted the department with tracking and reporting on processes and KPIs. Lastly, it's important to note that an important part of the job is to develop meaningful relationships with clients and promote the image of internal audit throughout the organization.

IS Auditor I
Nelnet, Inc.

Jun 2019 - Dec 2019

Working with Nelnet, I have been able to experience a more technical and government compliance side of internal audit. Working at a financial and technological services company has given me experience working with advanced network systems, SOX compliance testing, as well as SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports. In addition to government compliance, I have been working with advancing data analytics and embedding them within the audit process. Being able to use data analytics within various parts of the audit process allows auditors the chance to test more of the data and provide better insights to the clients. However, I have only been at Nelnet a short time and can't wait for more!

Internal Audit Intern
Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

Feb 2018 - Jun 2019

While working as an Internal Auditor for Ameritas, I was able to experience every part of the internal auditing process. My position allowed me to develop more risk analysis, data analytics, statistics, and automated aspects to include within the departmental processes. Working at Ameritas, I was able to find audit experiences from all aspects of the insurance industry, including physical access, HIPAA compliance, information system design and access, as well as all parts of selling and maintaining life insurance and financial service products.

Teaching Assistant
University of Nebraska

Aug 2017 - May 2018

During my time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I was offered the opportunity to help my professor, Dr. Amber Messersmith, teach Business Writing. I was able to help students overcome problems with various assignments related to business writing, such as memos, letters, emails and other skills one may need in the professional world. This experience helped cement my understanding with professional writing styles.

Community Management Intern

Jun 2017 - Feb 2018

Working as a community management intern for Walgreens helped me experience the busy and demanding life of running a retail store. I worked at the busiest Walgreens in Lincoln, NE and was able to fully appreciate the demands of customer service when you are needed in three places at once. This job included customer service, employee training, inventory systems, pharmaceutical services, and more!


01 - Cybersecurity
  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Cybersecurity governance
  • Third-party risk assessments
  • Application security control
  • Identity access management
02 - Data Science
  • Data extraction, loading, and transformation
  • Data validation
  • Build models and algorithms
  • Identify data patterns and trends
  • Visualize and report data
03 - Technology
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  • PHP
  • Python
  • SQL
04 - Miscellaneous
  • Client relationship management
  • Industry research
  • Team building
  • Management and mentoring
  • Department evaluation and innovation
  • Professional communication


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